Molex PicoBlade Connector Offering Gets Even Better

A while back I wrote a brief post comparing the Molex PicoBlade to the Molex JST connectors. At the time I started as a fan of the JST SH and conclude that the PicoBlades were the winner on the sole fact that they were easier to handle and had a very diverse connector series offering.

Well, that offering got better as I just noticed that Molex has added a Discrete Cable Assembly to their PicoBlade Connector System page.

In the previous post I had discovered that there were pre-crimped terminal and wire assemblies, but now it appears to include the recptacle housings also. Even better.

Cable Assembly Offering

A quick scan of the website shows the assemblies have the following options:

  • 2-8 circuits
  • 50, 100, 150, 300, 450, 600mm lengths

At the time of writing, Mouser and DigiKey have the part number for a 2 circuit + 100 mm cable assembly (part number 15134-0201) on their sites when I checked availability. Both marked as new, which confirms my suspicion that it is in fact new and not something I missed before.

Both are out of stock, Mouser shows delivery dates of mid Janurary 2017, and DigiKey just says 15 weeks of lead time. Oh hardware products, you never impress me with logisitics. Hopefully a few sizes become regularly stocked items.


This reinforces my earlier endorsement of Molex PicoBlade as an excellent connector with great availability. Works well for hackers and makers building projects at home or start-ups trying to get their hardware project off the ground without creating too much logistical risk around a connector selection.

Now you don’t need to blow your critical fundraising demo or crash your drone because of a bad crimp because you didn’t want to drop $400 for the crimper. Now you have options!

From prototypes to low volume production, perhaps the PicoBlade are the move for you also. I bet you can even sample the connector assemblies from Molex if you ask nicely…