Android AOSP Docker Image for Building Android ROMs

1 minute read

Build your Android Nougat ROM

Took some time this weekend to build update my Android AOSP Docker image to build stock Android AOSP Nougat ROM. No major changes were necessary. I did update to Ubuntu 16.04 and dropped the external OpenJDK dependencies and use the packages available from the Ubuntu repositories.

The build is now slightly simpler.

Latest source is on GitHub and latest image is on Docker Hub.

Test Drive Building Android Nougat ROM

Build the ROM with no scewing around with the following commands:

mkdir nougat ; cd nougat
export AOSP_VOL=$PWD
curl -O
bash ./

Wait for 1-4 hours depending on your Internet connection and CPU and it should be done.

Those steps compared with installing an out-of-date virtual machine to run some old distribution that only builds a certain version of Android, all thanks to Docker. Docker contain the mess and allows your production builds to built by the same Docker image as development builds built by developers. .

Next Steps

Next step? Hack-up script to suit your needs and live on.

Someday I’ll write-up a blog on the design of AOSP. Someday, when I get some time.