Past Work

Embedded Linux Experience

Past projects have used the following processors and EVMs:

  • Xilinx Zynq 7000 series
    • AVnet PicoZED Reference Platform
    • Custom boards
  • OMAP4430/OMAP4470
    • TI’s Blaze Tablet Platform
    • Custom boards
  • AM3505/AM3517
    • Texas Instruments/Logic PD EVM
    • Craneboard
    • TechNexion Twister Pack
    • Custom boards
  • AM3730/DM3730
    • Beagleboard
    • Texas Instruments/Mistral EVM
    • Custom boards
  • TI8148/AM3874/DM8148
    • Texas Instruments/Mistral EVM
    • Custom board
  • TI8168/AM3894/DM8148
    • Texas Instruments/Spectrum Digital EVM
    • Custom board

Embedded Electronics

Motorsports Electrical Leader

  • Oversee procurement of supplies and assembly of prototypes
  • Specification of some COTS products such as data acquisition systems
  • Designed specialized systems (PCB design, prototype assembly, and software design)
    • CAN enabled steering wheel that communicates with AIM EVO3 Pro and fully custom PCM
    • Auxiliary CAN data acquisition and remote electronic brake bias controller with tight integration with custom steering wheel
    • Power distribution module with monitoring via CAN
    • Low bandwidth wireless telemetry
  • Ultra high performance wiring harness design and assembly
  • Custom engine sensor specification and interfacing

Wireless XBee Projects

  • Lower power XBee network
  • Microcontrollers interfaced with accelerometers
  • FPGA interface to ARM9 microprocessor running embedded Linux

Linux and System Administration

Gentoo Linux Forums Founder

  • Responsible for founding the forums, creating the style, and many of the still active rules
  • Handled day to day back-end and front-end administration for first few years

Gentoo Linux Developer

  • Responsible for a number a networking related ebuilds (packages) for the entire user base
  • Administered the fastest rsync server at the time
  • Helped pave the way for Gentoo infrastructure
  • Formerly known as [email protected]

Founder and Admin of Frozen Liquid Webhosting

  • Responsible for physically building servers and co-locating them at data centers
  • Responsible for full configuration and security of web servers
  • FrozenLiquid

Private Organizations

  • Managed mail servers for weekly mailing lists with over 12,000 members
  • Managed high performance MySQL servers with over 200 query per second on average
  • High performance off-site backup servers
  • Online subversion hosting for projects, notable of which is one with a repository over 27GB and growing
  • Virtual machine experience using KVM, Xen, and VMWare
  • Linux software RAID