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I heard about Ting the other day and took a closer look. With Ting, I can customize my phone plan starting at $6/mo with one device up to 20 devices per plan and a number of plan permutations. Flexible plans.

No contract!

You have to buy the phone outright which is fine by me in exchange for not being tied to contract.

Uses Sprint’s Network.

Phone tethering and hotspot are included, no more price gouging to use your allocated data.

No Planning Data, Text, or Voice Usage

Ting has you pick a data plan, and then they bill you for it ahead of the month. You then use the data that you use for that month. Ting will then issue a credit for the minutes / data you didn’t use. Or so they say. I’m not sure if this only happens if you fall in to a lower usage plan, or if it applies to a percentage of the actual plan used.

Or if you exceed the selected plan they bump you to the next level with no overage fees.

That’s awesome.

New Ways to Setup Data Plans?

With Ting, my mom could have a bare bones cell phone plan for $9/mo and then easily put together a plan for me with a larger data plan. The data plans are very flexible and competitively priced.

I could easily add an Android tablet and share all the data usage with my cell phone. AT&T gets expensive if you want to do this and has always scared me away. If all I needed to do was spend an extra $6/mo and keep my data consumption in check then I’d probably do it.

Currently though, my AT&T bill is cheaper then the Ting deal would be due to my 25% corporate discount. Someday I’ll jump ship. Either AT&T will piss me off or Ting will get even better after it leaves beta.


Not sure what to do about this. Looks crazy expensive, but so does any traveling aboard with AT&T. I’d have to look closer before I switch.