Manage LXCs with Docker

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Docker (GitHub) caught my eye. Someday I’d like to leverage it to download, create, deploy a build environment. Download my code for whatever I’m building (Open Embedded or Android) to the LXC, build it from scratch, grab the artifacts and then go away.

Someday I’ll get around to do that. Doing that with ephermal LXCs in the past was painful. I think docker will make that considerably easier.

Using Linux containers as opposed to virtual machines will result in faster build times.

If only I had time…

Hopefully this will motivate webhosts to kill the wretched OpenVZ “virtual private servers”. Maybe someone will give me an excuse to leave ChicagoVPS. I have little faith though, the cheap webhosts are also the lazy ones I think. The smart webhosts with the real technologies (Xen/KVM/LXC) also charge a premium cause they care a bit more then the cheap hosts.