Deleting Unused Docker Volumes

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Investigating Docker Volumes

While investigating migrating my kylemanna/openvpn image to use native Docker Volumes instead of the old busybox hack to create an empty volume I discovered I have a ton of dangling volumes. And consuming a ton of disk space.

What are they? What’s in them? Why are they dangling and not clean-up?

What’s in the Dangling Volumes?

Docker v1.9 added docker volume commands and later releases enhanced it. To query the dangling volumes:

$ docker volume ls -f dangling=true
local               0039d65be4c135d76340672bdff7e3b442ec65ef013aab486e60f111b37b4223
local               00c6dad23070368f18b963a8e4ee65f16b372969fa1a091c43ac41e500665a77
local               fe93d89dd4747e47098f69741e967626bed0ae35c7a12c541f4ce7b4ca043ea3
local               ff33f29a0ca8d60da171a6ead8966735856639a2e743793e83d0305f9d44eef7

In my case, I had 343 dangling volume containers.

$ docker volume ls -f dangling=true | wc -l

To check the total disk space:

$ docker volume ls -f dangling=true  | awk '{print "/var/lib/docker/volumes/" $2 }' | xargs sudo du -hc
1.8G total

Dig deeper and sort them by disk space:

$ docker volume ls -f dangling=true  | awk '{print "/var/lib/docker/volumes/" $2 }' | xargs sudo du -bs | sort -n
0       /var/lib/docker/volumes/_tmp
10      /var/lib/docker/volumes/12aea7b48bc182f4c108ba0a63f67a453249de3dcc30db046468b691f1ca88cf
10      /var/lib/docker/volumes/2b892d2094c16ab90d7536562be52d3816280f4288a6491bf1ec2e2f0b70deb4
205422216 /var/lib/docker/volumes/9a62b9bd1221926e5484782918161309113176ed411f04e95297e9cedc8eaea1
219513907 /var/lib/docker/volumes/adeb596ed11b2c6a62000a2abf7eb7ae868da64a9d0c11e2e3002e32d3187022

After reviewing the files in the biggest volumes it appears that I have some abandon volumes for MySQL databases for things I experimented with over a year ago.

No need for these anymore.

Delete the Old

Measure the size of my volumes directory before:

$ sudo du -hs /var/lib/docker/volumes
1.9G    /var/lib/docker/volumes

Delete the Volumes Without Data

for i in $(docker volume ls -f dangling=true  | awk '{print $2}'); do sudo test -d "/var/lib/docker/volumes/$i/_data" || echo docker volume rm $i; done

Note: Remove the echo from the above command to actually remove them. The echo was added to preview what would run.

This cleaned up 205 volumes for me.

Delete the data volumes without a _data directory as it appears there is little risk of losing anything.

Use my handy docker-cleanup script to examine and then delete the remaining directories:

git clone
cd docker-cleanup
sudo ./

Example output:

:: Displaying fe93d89dd4747e47098f69741e967626bed0ae35c7a12c541f4ce7b4ca043ea3

└── _data
├── 9.4-main.pg_stat_tmp
│   ├── db_0.stat
│   ├── db_12141.stat
│   └── global.stat

2 directories, 4 files

creation: -
modification: 2015-10-19 18:21:37.187453160 -0700
size: 76K

Delete fe93d89dd4747e47098f69741e967626bed0ae35c7a12c541f4ce7b4ca043ea3? [y/N]: y
Executing: docker volume rm fe93d89dd4747e47098f69741e967626bed0ae35c7a12c541f4ce7b4ca043ea3

Measure the size of my volumes directory after cleanup:

$ sudo du -hs /var/lib/docker/volumes
169M    /var/lib/docker/volumes

Dangling volume containers now: 0.

The Real Question

How’d this happen? Was there a bug or user error that didn’t clean these up? The oldest volumes are from 2014 and some as recent as last week.