New job, moving cross country

1 minute read

I accepted a new job out in the bay area this past December. Goodbye Dallas, hello San Francisco. We’ll see how it goes.

It has been be quite a change. I’ve gone from my 1 bedroom apartment with private garage for my car and motorcycle to a 1 bedroom apartment with no car, but I kept the bike. My rent has more then doubled.

Quite the lifestyle change. My commutes to work used to consist of hopping on the R6 if the weather was nice and going, otherwise falling back to the Corvette. Now it’s still grab the motorcycle when the weather is nice, but when it rains it’s more like take the Muni to the Caltrain station and then walk 1/4 mile to work. Not a big deal, reminds me alot of college. The part that is most difficult to get used to is not having a car when I need it for things like grocery shopping or hauling equipment to/from work. Zipcar is the basement of the high rise next door, so that’s simple enough for most things, but doesn’t help get stuff to/from work.

As for the weather, the winter isn’t as cold as Dallas, but everything else seems cooler (ie the other three seasons). We’ll see how that goes.

Also, have I mentioned how much fun and “productive” it is to split lanes on my commute to and from work?