Passing of an Era

I’m moving soon, and I’ve pledged to cut the cable. I’m currently with AT&T U-Verse and have 6 Mb/s download with 1 Mb/s upload Internet and their U200 package with HD. I realize I never watch anything except the HD channels, and even then 75% of it is stuff I can get over the air (OTA) from the major networks.

This is where my little project to build a Home Theater PC (HTPC) started. I could build a computer for cheap (less then $500) that would pay for itself after I killed by cable bill. The HTPC would hook up to my HDTV and let me watch what OTA signals and record them using Windows 7 Media Center as well as access Hulu, YouTube, my existing movie and music collection.

Add in Netflix and I should be pretty good…

The missing networks are CNBC, Discovery, National Geographic, History, Speed, and ESPN.