Where have I been?

1 minute read

What happened?

Life happened. I move from one apartment to another. People came to visit. Other small things that when compounded consume all my free time. Hopefully I’ll have time soon enough to post something awesome…. like how to use vlans to segment my home LAN so I only need one Ethernet NIC for LAN and WAN.

Motherboard Update

My Gigabyte Z68 motherboard was dying slowly as I pointed out in an earlier blog post. I sent it away to Gigabyte while I was moving and told them to return it to my new address, several times and included a note in the box reiterating this. Instead they shipped it to my old address. Sigh. Nevertheless after I reinstalled the motherboard the problem still remained. When contacted they claimed to test everything and saw no problems and instead blame my processor.

I find this very hard to believe after reviewing Intel’s Z68 chipset documentation and Flexible Display Interface architecture. Note that the Z68 block diagram shows the video going through the Z68 PCH. Perhaps I could get ambitious and risk destroying my board my attempting to reflow the PCH BGA?

I ordered a Displayport to DVI adapter, but the monitor just looks at me dumb when I tried to use it in Linux for a total of 18 seconds. When I get some free time I’ll put in a few more minutes of effort. Does anyone know if Displayport is supposed to be just plug in and play in Linux (3.10 kernel on Ubuntu 13.04) using the integrated graphics provided by i5-2500k + Z68?

My Day Job

Oh yeah, we’re hiring @ Fanhattan. Drop me an email if you’re an awesome Android guy or girl. :)