Amazon Subscribe and Save

I kind of like Amazon Subscribe and Save. I like that I can re-order many a few things I normally need anyways at a slight discount in exchange for flexible scheduled shipping. I hate a lot about it though like the limited selection, products going out-of-stock and then removed from the program, the limited 6-month re-order interval and more! But, the thing I hate most is when I need a few things from my next subscribe and save order but it doesn’t arrive until next week.

I may have stumbled on an Amazon logistics optimization that could work in my favor.

Prime Shipping

The other day I placed an Amazon Prime Same Day Shipping order for some Nyquil because a friend was nice enough to share a cold with me. This order cleared the $35 minimum shipping requirement by adding some things to my Amazon order that were supposed to come next week with my subscribe and save order. However, this order triggered my entire subscribe and save order to ship that same day and was packaged together in the same box.

Amazon Hack

A few days after Amazon asks you to confirm your subscribe and save order, place a two-day or same day shipping order. If everything comes from the same distribution warehouse, your subscribe and save order will come early with the Prime order.

Amazon Hack Level 2?

My next challenge is to try Amazon Subscribe and Save hack level 2 by ordering only $35 worth of stuff after adding more things to this month’s subscribe and save order. If I time it right, loading up the subscribe and save order with qualified items will be up to 15% cheaper then ordering on just Prime. And, since not a lot of useful stuff is on subscribe and save, you can easily find things on Prime to get over the $35 minimum.

Life hacks.

Now if only they didn’t have such a terrible Amazon Affiliate program I’d still like them a little more.